Give your house a makeover…

Adding a little color to your walls isn’t so bad, right?  After seeing other homes all decorated with nice colors got me excited about buying a home.  So what’s so special about adding color to your plain ole walls. Well, I’ve always figured it would seem like a happier place. It has been said that people who are happier are more creative. So why not be creative and paint with a smile?

Where do you start? Start with noticeable features in your home such as moldings, mantels, arched doorways, or even a wall where the fireplace is located. You can always create an accent wall using any color. This is a great way to make your room stand out. Take the wall the fireplace is on, and paint it. Try using a bold color, such as a shade of red. Shades of red will make a dramatic statement. I would suggest using red paint in small rooms, such as a powder room, or in this case an accent wall.

Still not convinced? Look in other areas of your home to be creative. If you have a room containing wainscot, you can use that to contrast between light and dark colors. I think this is a great area to be creative and have fun with. Jill Connors wrote in her article that -A dark wainscot below a bright wall will draw attention to the upper walls, while a bright white wainscot next to a colored wall will focus the eye on the wainscot. I really like this idea. For those of you that have this option in your home, share your ideas.

Here’s an idea, I have yet to try. Painting your ceilings. aha! WOW… I don’t think I’m that bold or brave enough to try this. Now, if this seems risky to you, I suggest going with a lighter color on the ceiling than you have on the wall. This may ease some of that uncertainty.

So now that I’ve talked about ways of adding color to your walls, are you convinced and ready to give it a try? The last thoughts I have is to be creative, have fun and live out loud! Enjoy your home, and be happy. Decorate with a smile —  🙂

For more ideas, visit:,,1125002,00.html


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