Learn how Yoga could help you

http://photos.denverpost.comMore and more I think about what I could do to have a better lifestyle. Some of the things that I know I could do better with, is exercising, eating and relaxing. And, I have to tell you, I’m still working at making all of these my daily routines- my new way of living. The one thing that caught my attention is Yoga. So, what is Yoga? Well according to the American Yoga Association, Yoga means “to join or yoke together”, and it brings the body and mind together into one harmonious experience.

Exercise, breathing and meditation are all parts of the Yoga system structure. With Yoga, pressure is placed on the glandular systems of the body- which increases the efficiency of your total health.  There are several types of Yoga, such as:

Hatha Yoga:  Physical movements and postures with breathing techniques. I think this is the most common form of Yoga. This is one that I can relate to more and would work better for my lifestyle.

Raja Yoga:  Exercise and breathing practice that includes meditation and study.

Jnana Yoga:  Path of wisdom. Thought to be the most difficult.

Many physicians reccommend Yoga for heart disease, people with back pain, arthritis, and depression.

I believe I could benefit from Yoga, especially after a hard day at work. Coming home and learning to let go of the stress and relax would be a huge factor in a healthier lifestyle. Are you ready to try some Yoga?  I’m excited about learning to let go, and relax more and enjoy life, aren’t you? Please visit The American Yoga Association:http://www.americanyogaassociation.org/general.html for more information.

Please stop by and tell me about your Yoga experience…



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