3 Travel Apps You Don’t Want to Miss

Traveling should be made easy whenever possible. Who needs the hassles of getting lost, missing a flight or searching for gas? That’s why I am going to showcase 3 of the top apps you should have during your travels.

The featured apps are available on the Android, Apple OS, Windows & BlackBerry platform. The must have apps will save you time and money while you are on the go. You can have everything you need right there at your fingertips during your travels. I’m not going to miss out on these great apps, they are all really cool.

Check them out:

1. AroundMe: Looking for the nearest gas station, ATM, restaurant or hotel? Find it with AroundMe. AroundMe lists your closest options in each category, how far, and shows a map of how to get there. You can’t be without this one, as it will definitely save you time. This app works on Android,Apple OS  & Windows phone.

2. Wikihood: A Virtual Tour Guide. I want this one! If you are in a new city and want to learn more about the area, Wikihood provides tons of information about the popular sights, culture, history, beaches, parks, universities and more. Seems like this app could be your personal tour guide and get you around the city to all your favorite sights.

3. Tripit: Get your Itinerary organized with this app. Have you ever arrived at the airport and couldn’t find your car-rental confirmation or other reservations? Well, no more worries. Tripit app will put all of your reservations, confirmations and other itineraries right at your fingertips. This app will also add weather information, maps and driving directions to your itinerary. Just forward your confirmation emails, reservations to plans@tripit.com and have them all combined in one organized itinerary. WOW, this is such a handy app. Wished I had this on my trip to Orlando this past March.
This app is available on Android, BlackBerry, Apple OS & Windows 7 Phone.

Keep this list of apps in mind when traveling. It will make traveling a lot more fun and a lot less stressful. Happy Travels!


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