Martha Stewart – Boot Organizer Tip

I wanted to make a post about a great organization tip from Martha Stewart’s website. I didn’t want my readers to miss out on some great time saving organization tips. So here we go:

My very first Martha Stewart organization tip:

Fall Organizer: Boots!  We all love to wear nice boots in the fall. A great way to organize your boots are with homemade hangers. They help keep the shape of your boots and the hangers areMartha Stewart Organization tips a great space saver too. If you want to create space and find your boots quickly, this is a must have. I love organized closets. When you have organized closets, it just seem to bring your closets to another level. It makes things seem more elegant and it’s more pleasing to the eye. I hate to go through a messy closet wasting time looking for what I need, especially when I’m in a rush. It doesn’t take much to get your closets organized. If you have other suggestions, please leave a comment. I would love to hear them. Let’s move to a better lifestyle with this awesome tip. It’s a great start to better living! To learn more about how homemade hangers are made and used, please visit:

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The Divine Hostess

Who doesn’t love a good 3-day weekend? I know I do. I am looking forward to a little extra rest, and some time to catch up with family and friends. Many will be hosting or attending events throughout the weekend. I am providing you with some simple recipes that will help keep you from being the guest who brings the store-bought potato salad. 🙂

Here’s my top 10 list of things to make for your cookouts and barbecues.

1. Loaded Baked Potato Salad. Need I say more? And yes, a vegetarian just recommended that you eat bacon.

2. Deviled eggs. Deviled eggs are a great appetizer and for most– you cannot go wrong with eggs.

3. Easy Turkey Rollups. These are healthy, kid-friendly, full of protein, and they make a fantastic starter food.

4. White cake with lemon frosting. What’s a BBQ without a delicious dessert?…

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